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In the busy years of work, raising families and caring for aging parents, we can forget what brings us joy. The “Choose Joy” online masterclass helps you or your clients discover the three keys to living well in retirement. Join others who share your passion for looking for the good – people committed to creating a plan to invest their time in retirement with joy and meaning.

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Plan to Choose Joy: Three Keys to Investing Your Time in Retirement

Discover the step-by-step process to creating your “Plan to Choose Joy” in retirement. Learn how to structure your time with the essential elements of a healthy and joyful life -- engaging your mind, moving your body, and nurturing your relationships. Find out how to create new relationships, stay healthy and find meaning in retirement.



Getting Ready to Retire: Creating a game plan for retirement before you retire is an ideal way to make your transition into post-career life smooth and joyful. It’s also a practical way to determine how much money you’ll need. When you define how you choose to spend your time you’ll know how you’ll spend your money.

Already Retired: There’s often an initial honeymoon phase in retirement where savoring relaxing time is fulfilling enough. But later, many people want some guidance in structuring their time, so they experience more purpose and connection. Creating a plan to live with more joy and meaning improves your health and quality of life.

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Wealth Management Advisors

Time and money are two of the most important resources in retirement. Wealth management advisors help clients invest their money. I help people create a plan to invest their time in retirement. When people define how they want to spend their time in post-career life, you can guide them to understand the money they need for their chosen life. Together, we can offer clients the peace of mind they seek in retirement.

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Mountain Fog

Beth Picard, newly retired

The retirement workshop and ongoing Accountability Group are excellent. Babs is approachable, intelligent, non-judgmental, and realistically positive. She doesn’t force, rather teaches people to come to their own conclusions about what is best for them.

Misty Slopes

Linda Kelley, newly retired

Babs was goal-oriented and focused. She provided a very supportive environment - allowing everyone to feel comfortable expressing their thoughts/feelings. If one of the participants was dealing with a particularly difficult issue in their life, she made time for them to discuss it. She used a variety of techniques which were very effective - guided imagery, partnering with another person to complete a task, time alone for thinking and writing, including all participants. She also brought many of her personal experiences to the sessions

Steep Mountains

Nancy Hupp, pre-retirement

The retirement workshop helped me prioritize time to think and plan, find resources, create a community around shared concerns. This wouldn’t have been possible without Bab’s guidance. She not only guided the conversation and suggested resources, she gently pushed us to create small, attainable goals

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