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Why Coaching?

Many of us get so immersed in our careers and raising our families that we kinda forget what we used to love doing. And some of us dutifully followed that career path that pleased mom and dad, and now want to bust out and figure out what we really want to do. 


Do you feel a little lost, but are ready to invest your time from empty nest to retirement with joy and meaning?

I’ll help you take action to rediscover what brings you joy, define your vision, and create a plan to live it.

Retirement Coaching Program| Babs Plunkett
If you’re ready to get started,
book a free 30-minute Discovery call.

How it works

  • One-on-one coaching sessions by phone or video-conferencing

  • Initial discovery interview to determine your needs and our connection

  • Objective assessment of your goals, challenges, and strengths

  • Customized coaching plan for your goals and learning style

  • Engaging questions and exercises reveal your values and vision

  • Measurable action steps to help you achieve your goals 

Why Babs?

I am a catalyst for choosing joy and meaning from empty nest to retirement.

  • Author of the best-selling book Choose Joy: Three Keys to Investing Your Time in Retirement

  • Certified Professional Retirement Coach

  • Certified Life Coach since 1998

My Approach


Clients say I’m a deep, intuitive listener who helps them feel heard and supported. By asking thought-provoking questions, then really absorbing your insights, I help you uncover your values, passions, and goals.

Take action

I’m a happy geek about action plans. It’s so fun to see the results a well-defined plan gives a client. Every session you’ll get a game plan for the week ahead with small steps that lead to big results. We celebrate each little success and also work through the obstacles that might be holding you back when you don’t or can’t take action.

Share Passion

Thanks to my crabby grandma, I’ve been on a quest to keep discovering ways to choose joy since I was 13 years old. I absolutely love inspiring people create the life they want. The world needs more joy...don't wait to find yours!

If you’re interested in creating the life you want,
book a free 30-minute sample session today.


Mountain Fog

Barb Bloom, empty nest transition

Babs is a great coach. She’s intelligent, sensitive, and intuitive. She really helped me clarify my thoughts about our empty nest and create a plan for the future.

Misty Slopes

Greg Schmidt, pre-retirement

I discovered that being coached is a very helpful, important thing to do. Babs has the perfect demeanor and communication style to reveal the retiree hidden just beneath layers of everyday distractions and unconsidered priorities. It is difficult to be firm and gentle at the same time; Babs is just that.

Steep Mountains

Ginger Wange, mid-career transition

I was completely stuck in a mid-career transition. Through some intense work, Babs helped me uncover what was holding me back from pursuing the work I really want to do. I gained so much working with her.

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