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I’m a passionate advocate for positive aging and joyful living. To help myself and others live joyfully, I became a Life Coach and Certified Professional Retirement Coach. As the best-selling author of Choose Joy: Three Keys to Investing Your Time in Retirement, I interviewed over 100 people across the country, gaining their inspiration and insights on how to live with joyful purpose.


I'm the host of the Empty Nesters' Joyful Purpose Club, a free Facebook community, and the founder of the Choose Joy Method to Rediscover Your Purpose, a signature course for women empty nest through retirement. 


The original source of my passion for aging well was my crabby grandma. She moved in with us when I was 13 years old and her unhappy presence made a lifelong impression on me. Every day, she’d perch herself in the kitchen, wearing a dress, high-heels, and a scowl. She’d often say, “I don’t know why God keeps me alive. I’d rather be dead.” As a teenager, this sad and alarming statement made me wonder if I was genetically destined to be unhappy, or could I choose?

For the next four decades, I studied positive aging and paid attention to people who chose joy. I asked those who were living joyfully if they had always been that way. Were they upbeat as a kid or did they decide to be positive? I felt genuine relief to learn we’re not destined to crabbiness. Aging well is a choice. We can choose joy. 

Retirement Coach Babs Plunkett

The unsettled state of the world right now makes this decades-long passion feel like a real calling for me. This is more than just a fun career. It’s imperative. The world needs more people willing to do the serious work of living with joy. Good brings good. And we need all the good we can get right now.


Curious about how to invest your time from empty nest to retirement with joy and meaning? Let’s talk.


Are you a wealth management advisor? Learn more about how to give your clients the peace of mind they seek from empty nest to retirement. By helping them define how they want to invest their time, you can guide them to understand the money needed for their chosen life. Let’s connect.

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